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29 March, 2022 in News

Tina Boden, a leading voice for micro business in the UK, to launch exclusive online Club for micro business owners

Tina Boden, one of the leading voices for micro business in the UK, who co-founded the #MicroBizMatters movement with Tony…
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17 February, 2022 in News

Power Up Your Marketing and Launch Amazing Activity

Take the headache out of marketing planning and discover a simple, sustainable process which you can follow to power up…
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13 May, 2021 in Cashflow

Struggling to get paid ? Help is at hand from the Small Business Commissioner

Dealing with late payments can have a detrimental effect on micro businesses. Unfortunately, they are often at the back of…
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23 March, 2021 in Health & Wellbeing

Lets Talk Menopause

About a month ago I posted the picture below across my social media channels, then sat back and waited for…
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8 March, 2021 in Happiness & Lifestyle

More Marmite Than Magnolia

Often while chatting to people, giving presentations or delivering workshops I refer to myself as More Marmite Than Magnolia. It…
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6 March, 2021 in Happiness & Lifestyle

Celebrating The Positives On International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! I think everyone deserves a huge pat on the back after the year we’ve had. I…
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