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Enhance Wellbeing

Have thoughts, fears, great ideas, support or advice that will help to enhance the wellbeing of a micro business – why not write a piece about that for the Your Business section?

Awesome Experience

Had an awesome experience, or is there something you love and think other micro business owners would too? Why not write about it for the You section and bring joy to micro business owners as they read lifestyle stories.


Still want to become a Guest Author for Your Business and You? Email curator@yourbusinessandyou.net giving an outline of the article you want to write–a couple of sentences setting the scene will do–and the date you can submit it so we can schedule posts – see Sharing Is Caring, right.

Thank you!

A little about us…

Your Business and You is a magazine-style website linked to social media profiles that shares business and lifestyle features, to help ensure that the wellbeing of a micro business owner and their business is as good as it can be. Founded and curated by Tina Boden, one of the leading voices for micro business in the UK with over 30 years of experience running micro businesses in a number of different sectors, Your Business and You is populated with articles written by professional and regular writers and gives a platform to those starting out. It’s an opportunity for those finding their way in the world of writing and blogging to share content with a network of support to promote them.

Sharing is Caring’

‘Sharing is Caring’ was trademarked by the Salvation Army in 1950; and what great work they do!

Team YBAY care that you have taken the time to write for us and we want to share your business and you with our readers. When you send your first article please submit a headshot and maximum 150 word bio starting with a Headline sentence (think LinkedIn profile) – don’t’ forget to include your website and social media details.

Once uploaded to the website, we will share your post across social media, in our monthly Newsletter and with the extensive network we have, to ensure it receives maximum promotion – make sure you share it as well!

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden via Unsplash

Team YBAY rules!

  1. Be authentic – fake is a flawed concept as you may have read in one of Tina’s features ‘More Marmite Than Magnolia’.
  2. Original content only please. There is nothing worse than repeats, repeats, repeats – have you ever watched More4?!
  3. Be Kind – we are all entitled to our own opinion, the important thing is how we present it and react to what others have to say in reponse.
  4. #MicroBizMatters – we understand that those bigger than micro businesses want to help the smallest of entities. You need to care about ensuring, and have proof of it, that the wellbeing of a micro business and its owner is as good as it can be, to be welcomed by Team Your Business and You.
  5. Less is more – we ask for between 500 (min) and 1000 (max) words per article. We’d love you to submit images to accompany the piece, especially if you are sharing an experience